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An Open Letter to a Loving Church

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To the Church Body of UPCC,

We live in a world that is composed of many individuals (and sadly, churches as well) who think only of themselves. Most individuals will utilize every extra dollar to save more for their retirement, have a little nicer vacation, or buy that device they have always wanted. Many churches will utilize every extra dollar to save more in the bank account for “when times get tough”, to have the ultimate building, or buy those “plusher” seats they have always wanted. While money spent in those areas is not necessarily wrong, a lack of any look outside of one’s own life and one’s own church can show misplaced priorities.

I thank you, the members and attenders of UPCC, for looking outside of your community and choosing to help and support members and attenders of a church in a community not your own. That shows your giving spirit. It shows that the Holy Spirit is at work in your midst guarding you from short-sightedness and arming you with an outlook to get the Gospel into areas that you are not able to reach.

Thank you so much for allowing God to work in your heart and choosing to bless us with a great financial blessing that allows us to further God’s work for His glory in Allentown. You are treasured in our hearts.

With Love,
The Church Body of Allentown Bible Church


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