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are you a dogmatist?

I regularly read emails sent out by Dr. Charles “Chuck” Wood, who is self-described as a retired pastor and educator, current husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, Bible teacher, writer and contrarian, now hidden away in Mishawaka, Indiana. He often has good insights on evangelicalism and ministry, and today had a great one concerning dogmatism, which in essence is laying out a personal position as truth in areas that Scripture is not dogmatic about. Here is the quote:

Not only is it wise to avoid dogmatism in one’s ministry, it is also the better part of wisdom to avoid following or aligning with those who are given to it.  Dogmatists may be very brilliant – and some of them in the past really were – but they are usually narrow thinkers, who have a measure of “tunnel vision” that is limited to their own special interests or pet hobbies.  Unless the words or positions are firmly based on a serious exegetical determination from Scripture, better be a bit careful. (Dr. Charles Wood)

People are dogmatic about so many different things: parenting, music, versions, methods of ministry, standards of dress, movies, education choices, and the list goes on and on.

So . . . be dogmatic – – about things that really matter, such as the Gospel, the inerrancy of Scripture, the Virgin Birth of Christ, the reality of miracles, the truth of the resurrection, the existence of God.

But . . . quit being dogmatic about things that Scripture isn’t dogmatic about.

Because, you know, if God had wanted to be crystal clear on a subject, he probably would have included it in His Word in a crystal clear way.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but there are certain things worth being sarcastic about.


  1. Amen! Good post! It is easy to forget how our opinions are so rooted in our experience, our upbringing, our traditions…etc. The only things we can be sure of are the things that God’s word tell us to be sure of. Keep preaching and keep posting!

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