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I am currently working through a series on the book of Mark and came across this gem of a quote on unbelief. Jesus travelled back to his hometown, Nazareth, with his disciples, and he carried out his typical practice of speaking in the synagogues. The people were surprised at his teaching, but then ultimately acted in disbelief of him. Mark 6:4-6 then…

Taking on Biologos

I appreciate Dr. Mohler’s willingness to fight against Biologos, the “Christian” organization that embraces evolution. Here is a great article he wrote about the importance of not backing down in such a debate. Here is the link ➹

The Unborn are Children

Is abortion our generation’s Holocaust? Is abortion our generation’s slavery issue? Will the future look at what was done and not be able to fathom how anyone could do such a thing? I wonder if they will hear our voices speaking out against such atrocities? Ray Alcorn tackles the issue on his blog. Here is the article ➹

Some Holiday Reading

Here are some articles I came across lately that would provide some good holiday reading.   Al Mohler recounts the progressive demise of the art culture in this article. Sobering thoughts from a poem by a women whose husband was greatly failing in the area of purity. Thoughts on the condition of marriages today in this article. I appreciate this rant from…