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Consider Your Condition


Ephesians has been coming alive to me as I have been taking time to think upon the whole book and then each paragraph separately. Here are some thoughts that I have had as I read Ephesians 2:1-10.

1. We were all dead! Consider that! Sometimes we think that we were never like the rest of the world – lost and flailing in our sinful condition. We tend to forget how we were before God’s grace poured out all over our lives. Don’t forget! Remember your condition as you read through verses 1-3.

2. But God! Like the Coast Guard cruiser to a boat crippled by the storm. Like a rescuer to a drowning swimmer. God has come to rescue the world! He alone is rich in mercy. He alone loves us with a great love. He alone would take us in our sinful and destitute condition and offer us life through Christ.

3. How could anyone think they could earn such grace? It is only through faith that I can accept this great grace. God does not want my pity attempts to earn such grace, because that grace can never be bought by my meager works! God offers grace freely, because He alone is great!

So consider your condition, and remember the great grace of God that saves us from that condition — to God be the glory!

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  1. Amen! (from Eph. 2 thoughts) If it could be bought, it wouldn’t be grace – and because it can’t be bought – it’s AMAZING!

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