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Easter Resources for Your Family

Here are some resources to take a look at for this Easter season.

To teach children:

  • Benjamin’s Box is a book that talks through the story of the week leading up to Easter. It can be used along with a set of Resurrection Eggs.
  • What’s in the Bible has done a good blog series on Easter. Today’s post is on talking to your kids about the crucifixion. You can see the list of all their Easter posts here.
  • You can come to our church’s Easter Egg Hunt Saturday morning at 10:30am. We’ll be sharing the story of the resurrection during that time.
  • Resurrection iWitness teaches kids (& whole family) the evidence of Christ’s resurrection. There is also an iPad app.

For the whole family:

  • Come out for our Easter services and learn about the implications Christ’s resurrection has for your life.
  • Read through one of the gospel’s accounts on events surrounding Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Luke 20 and following would be a good place to read from.
  • Justin Taylor has a good series on his blog detailing what happened in the life of Christ during each day of the week preceding Easter. Thursday’s post can be found here.

Enjoy this season of remembering the sacrifice and the victory of Christ.

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