Sunday Worship: 10:00am

Fighting in the Faith

When is it right to fight about a belief?  I am not talking about breaking out the boxing gloves and going at it, toe-to-toe, physically.  Rather, I am talking about having a discussion that pits two people against each other, duking it out word-by-word until their view points are clearly established and their differences come to light.

Maybe we should have that happen more often?  Maybe it would help people be “fully convinced” of the viewpoints they hold, rather than being comfortable accepting a position without knowing anything about it?

I have not noticed too many “fat” boxers or ultimate fighters, maybe because they have to stay fit so they do not get leveled five minutes into every fight.  But I have seen a lot of “fat” Christians, who are so lazy in their knowledge of their faith that they would get knocked out in the first round every time.

Do some exercise in the knowledge of your faith today.


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