Sunday Worship: 10:00am

God’s Greatness

So, this past Sunday I preached on the greatness of God from Isaiah 40.  What an incredible, awesome, wonderful God is described by Isaiah!  What is more incredible is that God helps us.  Even more unfathomable is that not only does God help us, He helps us because He loves us, and not out of a sense of obligation.  I encourage you to re-read Isaiah 40, and stand in awe of our God that is portrayed there.

There are two weeks left in this three-week series:  next week will be on the lukewarm Christian and the following week on the passionate Christian.  Here is the question I have for you to comment on as I prepare for this week:

In light of the greatness and love of God, how should a Christian NOT act in response to God?  Again, please provide Scripture references as they come to mind.


  1. We should not live for ourselves, but we should live for the one who died for us. (2 Cor. 5:14-15.) – HE DIED FOR US BECAUSE OF HIS UNFATHOMABLE LOVE FOR US!!!! We need to remember that as we live our lives every day.

  2. We should not say that because God loves us we’re safely going to heaven. We should always keep our focus on trying to do what is right in his eyes. The last thing we want to have happen when we get to heaven is to have God look at us and say that we did not do what we should for others. Remember, if we do for others we do for God. Afterall, you never know when the person you’re helping could be someone God sent us to help. God’s love needs to be given back to others instead of just kept for ourselves.

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