Sunday Worship: 10:00am

I Get Hungry

At least three times a day, my stomach reminds me that it needs to be filled. Sadly, I too often fill it too much. With all the wonderful selections that can be had from the cupboards and fridge contents, is that really much of a surprise? If I really wanted to, a quick drive would bring me to an almost endless selection of restaurants and grocery stores that would cater to every wish my stomach had. I can fill my stomach very conveniently. It is nearly impossible to starve where I live.

I wish that my soul would growl. I wish that, like my stomach, my soul would remind me when it needs filling. But, sadly, my soul gives no tangible reminders. I can starve it for days, weeks, months, years, and never once feel any kind of rumbling. But does the lack of a physical reminder make the need to fill it any less than filling my stomach with food? If my physical body dies, it goes to the grave. If my spiritual soul dies, where does it go?

And, here's what's really insane. I live in a place where it's easier to feed my soul than my stomach. It costs quite a substantial amount to feed my stomach and to keep it well-fed on a regular basis. What I need to feed my soul costs next to nothing. Almost anyone can get a free Bible. Almost anyone can download a free app that gives them access to the Bible.

Yet we live in a land that starves their souls.

What if this situation were reversed? What if our soul gave a tangible reminder that it needs to be fed, while our stomachs remained silent? Would we be a land of physically starved people who were spiritually well-fed, with almost obese souls?

But don't our souls already give reminders of their need to be fed? Ever struggle with depression? Ever struggle with doubt? Ever struggle in a relationship? Ever feel like you were endlessly pursuing goals in this world and never filling a deep empty feeling? Ever wonder what your purpose was on this earth? Ever succumb to feelings of numbness as you feel the effect of your sinful choices? Ever wonder what would happen to you after you die?

Are these not all soul-pangs? Yet we leave our souls to starve in a land of spiritual plenty.

Feed your soul!