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Please be creative

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Have you thought about your church service lately?

Do we at times get caught up with the same pattern in our church services and never change anything? We know humans are creatures of habit and routine, and we may deduce that people need routine in church services – but is that really true?

We know that God blessed us with variety in our world, right? What if God only gave us one terrain to experience the rest of our lives – the flat plain. How boring would that be (my apologies to residents of Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, and Kansas)? Instead of just flat plain, God gave us mountains, valleys, and hills as well.

Yet – we provide the same monotonous service week-to-week.

Yes, I realize there are central components that must always be in place in a service – the preaching & reading of God’s Word, singing, praying, giving, some kind of frequency of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and fellowship of the body of Christ.

But when was the last time you changed the order of those components for some variety? Or added something new? Or did the same thing in a different way?

Couldn’t we exhibit more creativity like our God does?

Here are some suggestions to improve in the area of service planning:

  • Plan to plan – set aside a block of time each week to think through the next service, preferably as early in the week as you can to let your mind chew on it all week.
  • Evaluate the previous week – not only should you plan for the next week, but also evaluate the preceding week. Set aside a block of time each week to evaluate your last service. Did something seem stale and routine? Can you do the same thing in a more thought-provoking way?

Please – love your people enough to not bore them. Get out of the way of God’s Gospel by not settling into a monotonous church existence. Continue to do what God’s Word instructs you to do in your church services, but infuse your service with some creativity and passion.

My inspiration for writing this post came from Kevin DeYoung’s article from last week.


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