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Is there even space in the blogosphere for yet another blogger?  I have found myself hesitating to even put the effort into writing on the internet.  The internet has served as a platform for rantings and ravings that would never have gained an ear otherwise.  So many have written, and so few have much if any audience for their writings.

So why did I decide to write?  Well, primarily for myself.  I want to have a motivation to research and stretch my mind. Yes, even if no one reads this blog, I will have accomplished my purpose.  Ha!  What a lofty goal — absolutely no readers!

The purpose of this blog is to provide a journal-like approach to stuff I come across in the day-to-day world.  When I encounter that “stuff,” I will then sift through the framework that has been provided to me in the Bible.  Then, hopefully, I’ll be able to intelligibly communicate the results here.

So, here I go — looking up to God for answers down here.


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