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Resources for your family worship time

Resources for your family worship time

A few weeks back, we discussed some options for making God’s Word prevalent in your homes. I am following up that discussion by a listing of some resources for children to help you in that task. They will be listed by the age-group that I feel they are most appropriate for, but obviously we know that, even as adults, we can benefit from the simplicity of children’s resources as well. Some resources are listed in multiple age brackets. I believe these can span those age groups well with only limited adaptation needed.

Young Children (birth–5)

Slightly Older Children (5–8)

Older Children (9–12)

Note: all links are Amazon-affiliate links. That means that if you order them after clicking through, Amazon will pay out an affiliate commission. Any money brought in will be utilized to further the work of the Gospel through Allentown Bible Church.

Another Note: Some of these resources can be purchase during sales at Westminster Theological Seminary’s online bookstore. They typically have sales around the holidays on these kinds of resources.