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Wanted: Unselfish Christians

It’s been almost a year since our church started meeting publicly. Time has passed quickly. The seasons have cycled. People have as well. In the ebb and flow of every church body people come and people go. Visitors have joined us: some made the choice to stay, and others made the choice to leave. I have decided to not make it my…

An Open Letter to a Loving Church

To the Church Body of UPCC, We live in a world that is composed of many individuals (and sadly, churches as well) who think only of themselves. Most individuals will utilize every extra dollar to save more for their retirement, have a little nicer vacation, or buy that device they have always wanted. Many churches will utilize every extra dollar to save…

Between Two Worlds

Today I finished an excellent book on preaching. “Between Two Worlds” is a book by a preacher and for a preacher. John Stott gives a masterful explanation of the necessity of preaching for every day and age. He also states his case for how bridging the gap of the Bible day with current day can best be achieved. Stott’s book strikes the…

Reacting to church scandals

Jon Acuff is most well-known for his humor over at Stuff Christians Like, but very often he makes some excellent statements on Christianity and church life in general. This article that he writes following up the most recent “big-time church leader” scandal contains some good thoughts. Here is the article ➹