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What We Are Building This Church On

As the main preacher/teacher here, I totally resonate with this quote. It was shared with me by a friend, and I was not able to track down the article it came from. A simple way to say this is that we are a Christ-centered church family that is people-focused and not program-oriented. We believe that our mission is to help people follow Christ and not try to shove people into programs that will not help them in that task. We want to be directed by the Word of God and let that correct both our philosophy and method. Enough rambling, here is the quote:

“Many ‘younger pastors’ simply want to get back to a focus on the Truth of Scripture. They want God’s Word to be faithfully and accurately proclaimed. They want the church to be built on Scripture, not on tradition. They want churches and leaders who are committed to a biblical theology that translates to a biblical practice of ministry. They simply want the focus to be on having a biblical ministry and a biblical life. This all requires that God’s Word be used and communicated correctly, faithfully, and accurately.”  – Jeremy Wallace