Sunday Worship: 10:00am

when our church does not gather


The snow is keeping us from gathering, but that does not mean that we cannot think of one another. Here is a plan to consider implementing with your family when the weather keeps us from coming together in worship and service.

  1. Sing a song – whether you live alone or with family and/or friends, worship God in song. If you can’t hold a tune, read a song or play one instead. Choose one that we sing regularly together in our church gatherings or one that God has put on your heart. Consider listening to the song we’ve been working on this week in church – here is the link to a Youtube video of it: Who Is Like Our God

  2. Read Scripture – Consider reading Psalm 19 or some other Psalm that reflects on God’s awesome majesty.

  3. Pray – Follow the format that we pray at the beginning of our gatherings. A-C-T-S. Adoration of God, Confession of sin, Thanksgiving, Supplication (Prayer requests).

  4. Share with the body – Since we won’t be able to tell one another how God has been at work in our lives throughout the week, take a moment to share something via a text or phone call with someone in our church family. Or, thank God via social media for something He has been doing in your life.

  5. Give – We won’t be passing the offering basket this week which means there’s no way that we’re meeting our weekly giving goal this week. You can give online and even set up a regular transaction so that you never forget to be giving to the Gospel work that God is doing through our church family.

  6. Serve – No setting up or taking down this week! Although maybe we’d take that over shoveling this ever-increasing pile of snow. Hey, there’s an idea. Help your neighbor out and see if God gives you opportunity to connect with them even more. Catch a football game with them. Sit and talk over hot chocolate/coffee/tea.

  7. Intake the Word – Sadly, we won’t get to hear the 2nd part of Josh’s short series in Esther, but you do have plenty of opportunity to take the Word in this Sunday. Here are some suggestions:

    • Catch up on a sermon from our website that you haven’t heard: ABC Sermons
    • One of my favorite preachers is John Piper. Here is one of my favorite sermons from him – How the Supremacy of Christ Creates Radical Christian Sacrifice
    • Alistair Begg is another one of my favorite preachers (and he has a cool accent, too!). I regularly listen to series of sermons that he does. Here is a more recent one: Seeing, Caring, Thinking, Praying
    • Matt Chandler is another pastor who is doing an excellent job of preaching the Word to his congregation. Here he starts into a series on prayer: A Call to Prayer
    • FOR THE KIDS – Since your kids will not be heading to Children’s Church this week, consider signing up for a free one week trial to Jelly Telly and streaming one of their “What’s in the Bible?” videos. I’m sure you as adults will learn something, too. Here’s the link: Jelly Telly
  8. Read the weekly update that was sent out this week – Did you know that I can check on the MailChimp website and see who opened the emails I sent out every week? I promise that I do not make any judgments based on that information. 😉 Also, I forgot an announcement: Sherry is having a meeting for security workers next week following our gathering (sorry, Sherry, for not having it in the weekly update).

  9. Get some rest – Use the break from being out and about to stop and think. Meditate on the Word of God. Go deeper in your relationship with someone. Evaluate whether your life is too busy and you need more margin. Make sure your relationship with God is your utmost priority.

  10. Come out next week – You don’t even need to wait until next week to connect with someone from our church family. When the snow clears, meet up over some coffee or some food. But be out next week so you can be encouraged by the body, hear from God’s Word, and serve one another.